What should I put on my website?

This may seem like it has a simple answer but, many people get it wrong.

Here’s a few pointers on what you should consider:

  • A website should be an extension and a support system for your sales efforts.
  • A good website focuses on the user.
  • A good website is one that can handle a user coming in blind.
  • Use landing pages to address a user’s specific needs.
  • People do business with people. A website is not a person.

So, what does this mean? While your website, if built properly, can act as an extension of your sales team, nothing sells better than a person. Don’t abandon this just because you can. Use sales and technology together. In other words, you should never just tell someone that they can find the answers they’re looking for on your website. You are the key point in making a sale, not your website.