Social Media

Businesses Need a Social Media Strategy

Experiencing the pandemic from the point of view of a digital marketing company has been dynamic! We not only were able to effectively communicate and grow throughout the crisis, but our day-to-day operations incorporated having creative conversations and implementing marketing plans for our clients that kept them in business. A key aspect of this ability to stay afloat and even to make significant progress in challenging times was the use of social media for communication.

Now, as we all move into the transition phase of companies fully opening back up after the lockdowns and quarantines, having a continued strategy for social media marketing should be at the top of every company’s business plan.

Step one is and has always been: be on social media channels. Social media channels are considered a natural SEO tool in that they give your business an additional URL address to be found while your potential clients are searching the web. Your business profiles and pages should have consistent branding, and you should schedule consistent postings to show that your business is active and to feed the natural SEO. Social media channels are the equivalent of television stations in the past—they’re where people spend their time and, in turn, how they find your web page.

When you become more familiar with social media strategy, you’ll start to see that what people react to on social media isn’t the content from your business—it’s the content from people they know. Social media is a SOCIAL medium. So the goal is a strategy that encourages an interaction—with your business directly, yes, but even more effectively, by having “friends refer friends” to your content.

That is why strategy and not just process is imperative. Working with a digital marketing company helps you avoid what doesn’t work and enact what does. Managing your social media strategy on your own can become very expensive if you’re trying to pay for reach and engagement every time. But by taking advantage of the experience and planning acumen of a professional company, you can get your company reaching the right audience faster and better than ever.

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