Common Small Business Website Design Mistakes (Part 1)

The Small Business is a crucial market these days and it’s almost a given that if you want to be taken seriously, you need a website help validate that you’re real and want to do business.
Unfortunately, many small businesses may not seek out help or may not always get the best advice when it comes to designing their website.
Sure, it’s not rocket science but, it is easy to fall victim to many of the cheap offers and designs that are out there.
Here are just a few items that can maybe help you avoid someone leaving your website the moment they see it:

1. Don’t try to get fancy with Flash. Not everyone has a high speed Internet connection. Flash can be a real memory hog and slow to load. I’m sure you yourself have been frustrated with long page load times when viewing a site. Also, Flash doesn’t display on Apple products! This means all those iPhones, iPads, etc. are coming up blank. That’s a pretty big market you’ll be missing out on. If you have to use Flash, make sure it’s not critical to viewing your site and give the user the option to turn it off.

2. Don’t try to get too fancy with fonts. While you don’t always have to go with common fonts like Times or Arial, you want to be sure your site is easy to read. There are many font choices that offer a little “flair” but, are still easy to read.

3. Leave a little blank or “white space” on your pages. Don’t try to crowd everything in just to make it fit. Websites are visual and if you overload your visitor’s view of your website, they’re going to “tune-out”. Using blank areas can also help make things stand out like your call-to-action.

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