Client Spotlight – Ed Stern Leadership

For September we are pleased to shine the spotlight on one of our clients. Enjoy Ed’s story!

Hi. Ed here. I would like to thank Roberta and Steve of RWS Consulting for this opportunity and, also, for creating a tremendous website for Ed Stern Leadership.

This is how I explain what it is I do on the homepage of the site:

Ed Stern Leadership is a way to get from here to there. To what you want. What you want for your team, your organization, yourself. It is many things – coaching, training, culture building, strategic planning, organizational development, branding, whatever it takes – all done in service of helping you go after your vision.

I want to know what gets you excited and even what makes you crazy. I want to help you create environments where you and the people around you can be your best selves. Where there is safety, trust, openness, and shared commitment to getting after the things that matter most. Having led my own firm, I recognize what sounds good in theory can be incredibly hard to make happen in the real world. So, everything I do with individuals and teams is focused on what is really going on. The good news is moving forward requires less complexity than you think.

I do 1:1 and team coaching. I lead workshops and retreats on topics including leadership, strategic planning, working with different generations, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation, managing priorities, building trust, and more. I have also developed and lead a 13-session course on leadership that is cohort based and runs over a period of 7 months.

One of my favorite quotes is from John Wooden, the former coach of UCLA basketball. He said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” I love that. And I love working with people and organizations who are not afraid to keep learning.

Thank you!