What makes a good website?

You could ask a dozen different people what they think makes a good website and likely get a dozen different answers.

Then, how do you make a good website?

I’ll point out at least some of the most common things that you should or shouldn’t do.

  • Make sure the user can find what they’re looking for quickly. If it takes the user more than about 3-5 seconds to find what they want, you’ll probably lose them.
  • Use quality content and don’t have too much. Some will argue that more content is better. However, most users aren’t looking to read a book when they visit your website.
  • Go easy on the images or photos; make sure they’re optimized and don’t use Flash. All these things increase the time it takes to load your website and not everyone has a high-speed connection.
  • Show your phone number and a call-to-action in the header.
  • Have a detailed “About Us” page and include a (current) photo.
  • Don’t use too many colors. The web is visual and people don’t want to be assaulted with a rainbow of colors. Around 3 basic colors are all you need.

There are dozens of things I could list that you should and shouldn’t do. These are some basics. Watch for additional posts with more details.

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