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Updating Your Website During the COVID-19 Crisis

We’re living through an unprecedented time in modern history, a health-related event of global magnitude that affects all people, all around the globe. But perhaps that’s the most comforting thing about the current state of affairs—that it’s worldwide, that we’re all in this together, experiencing the same hopes, fears, challenges, and limitations.

With so many people at home honoring social distancing guidelines, online usage is peaking and the Internet is our most valuable resource—for information, for real-time updates, for streaming content, and for leveraging e-commerce as much as possible to keep the economy going as much as possible.

So now’s the time to adapt your website to reflect what’s happening in the world and what’s happening to your business as a result. What do your established or potential clients need to know about your business right now?

  • Are your doors still open to physical traffic from customers? If so, are there any regulations in place they should be aware of?
  • Any virus-related policies or sanitation procedures/measures to post?
  • Have your hours of business changed?
  • Are you offering take-out, curbside pickup, or delivery services?
  • Are you scheduling videoconferencing or phone meetings instead of in-person meetings?
  • Are you offering any online broadcasting, like church services, webinars, classes, or concerts, either streaming live or pre-recorded via outlets like YouTube or Facebook or your own site?
  • If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, has anything changed about the way you deliver services or are operating your business? Any changes to shipping or turnaround times?
  • How can your clients best reach you right now?

Any and all of these questions should be answered on your website—in very visible locations, where all visitors can easily access your updated information.

Remember to share your business changes with your website viewers now to keep them your viewers and clients both during and after the pandemic crisis.

RWS Consulting is open for business and available to help. We can quickly and easily make temporary changes to your website to reflect current information and/or create a separate landing page dedicated to updates. Contact us today if we can assist your efforts to keep pace with our rapidly changing world: 202-409-8113 or