Helen Young-McLaughlin Founder, Helen Young Coaching & Consulting, LLC

For March we are pleased to shine the spotlight on one of our clients. Enjoy the Helen Young Coaching & Consulting story!

It’s not easy being a middle manager. Leadership requires a different code some managers haven’t cracked. (No, that one day workshop on “leadership culture” and “soft skills” won’t cut it). Helen Young Coaching & Consulting, LLC is designed to transform your middle management into your most valuable asset. Whether your managers are doing well, preparing for growth, shifting from an independent contributor role or experiencing performance challenges –coaching may be the right sustainable fit for your company.

Through individual coaching and collaborative partnership, I bring over 15 years’ experience and a unique blend of coaching, counseling and consulting to align with your leadership goals and highlight each individual’s strengths. Coaching conversations are unique through focused attention and curiosity. Powerful questions drive the conversations, allowing managers to brainstorm, solve problems, and create awareness while putting every day interruptions on hold during the coaching session. The end result can be significant – clarity and action with an added bonus of enhanced well-being.

You know your company is ready to invest in coaching when:

  • You understand that allowing managers to hit the pause button and find a new perspective is the key to transforming their focus, prioritization, communication and succinct messaging.
  • You want someone to succeed in their role. You’re not using coaching as a means to discipline an individual but rather as a way to inspire, support and highlight their value.
  • You’re focused on creating faster results. Focusing on better habits, alignment, and creating space for vulnerability is the key to things like growth and less turnover…not by focusing on strategies and processes.
  • Your return on investment can be significant. Benefits include improved productivity and relationships, lower turnover, enhanced job satisfaction and retention, lower stress levels and higher bottom-line profitability (just to name a few).

Let Helen Young Coaching & Consulting, LLC help you create confident middle managers who are ready to be inspired and inspire their teams. Let your middle managers know you care about them and want to invest in them!

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