7 Tips for Effective Calls to Action

With internet technology growing and changing so fast, websites are able to do more and more all the time. From scheduling capabilities and newsletter signups to videos and forms, a website is like a Swiss Army Knife for your business. Unfortunately, some websites are more like a plain old screw driver than a Swiss Army Knife, and they just don’t do all they can to convert visitors into customers.

So what is the most important tool to have on your website? Hands down, the one thing you want to be sure your website has is a call to action (CTA). Without a high quality CTA (or several), your website may function more like a business card. It may tell people a little bit about you, but it doesn’t beckon them to engage with you.

A good call to action:

  • Uses clear, concise language. Make it short and to the point.
  • Communicates value. A compelling CTA offers something to your potential client that makes them want to engage with you. For example, “Schedule My Free Estimate”.
  • Uses action words. A button that says, “Shop Our Sales Now” is more effective than one that says, “Products Currently on Sale”
  • Is above the fold. Don’t make visitors to your website search for the CTA, or they may never get that far.
  • Stands out without overwhelming the page. A good balance of colors, button style, and fonts can draw attention in subtle ways.
  • Be specific. A button that says, “Get My Free eBook” is better than “Submit”
  • Uses first person language when possible. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes; it makes it more personal. Studies have shown that statements like “Schedule My Free Estimate” and “Get My Free eBook” are more effective than “Schedule Your Free Estimate” and “Get Your Free eBook”

A well designed website may have multiple CTAs. It’s all about balance and what works best for your specific business. You may have a sign up for your mailing list on one page, and a link to social media on another. It’s important to give your potential clients several ways to interact with you, without overwhelming them.

If you need help creating CTAs that convert, we’re happy to help. Call us today at 202-409-8113 to discuss the best way to get your website visitors to engage with you.