Why You Should Hire an Experienced Web Design Company

Everyone knows that all businesses need a professional website in order to be able to compete in today’s market. With so many DIY platforms out there, it can be very tempting to just drag and drop, build your site, and be done with it. And while you may end up with something that looks good the moment you finish it, there’s more to the story. The ROI on these easy-to-build websites can crumble like a house of cards. Hiring an experienced web design company is an investment that can create a sturdy foundation for your business to grow on.

Get everything you need in one place.
Just getting started? Need a logo? Do you need someone to handle your business’s social media? Maybe some graphic design work or copy writing? Not only is it easier to get it all done in one place, but when you have one company covering all of these areas for you, there will be an added cohesiveness to the content across all platforms.

Custom Design
You are unique, your business is unique, and your website should reflect that. Along with graphics and content that match your offerings, a professional and experienced web design company will make sure they get to know your business and your goals before getting started. Some websites are primarily informational and some are intended to generate online sales, while others are educational. Make sure you find a company that gets to know you.

High Quality SEO
Search Engine Optimization is an absolute must. And as a complex combination of art form and science, it’s something that requires a professional who is not only familiar with the nuances of SEO, but who also stays up-to-date on all of the latest best practices. As the internet evolves daily, one cannot assume that something that worked well for SEO last year (or sometimes even last month!) will still work well today.

Ongoing Maintenance
Your website will never be finished. Compared to a printed book, a website is a living thing. It needs to grow as your business grows. This includes simple things like making sure you update information if you change your hours, phone numbers, or services. It also means making sure you have the latest security updates and regular backups.

Websites are usually a customer’s first impression of your business. Knowing that you’ve got a team of professionals whose priority is keeping your site always looking its best gives you time to focus on running your business. When you hire professionals, you’re never alone. Give us a call to see how RWS can make you shine online. 202-409-8113