Why not just use a free website service?

There are a lot of compelling websites that offer “free” website creation tools. I’ve looked at several of these sites and have been tempted to use them myself. But, do I really want a “cookie-cutter” website that looks like a thousand others? Sure, they have hundreds and maybe even thousands of “templates” to choose from. But, it’s just that, a “template” site. Not an original custom site.

Then, there’s the issue of time. If you think you’re going to get that great website look you were looking for and only spend a couple of hours on it, think again. Now, maybe you’re unemployed and have the time. But, are you a graphic artist that can come up with some great unique ideas? A Graphic Artist will design your site around your company’s BRANDING! That’s a very important consideration — you want the image of your company to be clear in your prospect’s head. Colors, fonts, look and feel are all important when portraying YOUR COMPANY’S image!

Not to mention that many of these website creation tools are limited at best. Can you add a slide show? How about videos? How about custom content that changes based on the user’s input or choices?

Now, if you’re just making this site for your daughter’s cat pictures, go for it! Or, maybe you’re bored and were looking for something to do anyway. But, considering some of the great prices that many website creation companies offer, you might want to at least give them a call and see if it really all adds up for you to do it yourself.

Oh yeah… And for the free part, don’t forget that you’ll still need to purchase a domain name to put that site on and then there’s hosting. If someone claims to host the site for free, chances are you’ll have to show ads or at least display their company information on all your pages.

One other thing to watch for… Many of these sites use something called “flash”. Did you know that Apple products (i.e. all iPads, iPhones, etc.) won’t display “flash” (guess who has the biggest mobile market)? Sure, your site may look “flashy”. I just hope you weren’t counting on everyone being able to actually see it.