Website design in Maryland

Why is website design in Maryland different than anywhere else? It’s not. It just happens to be where we are based out of.

However, what’s different about doing website design for local customers is that it adds a little “home-town” touch to your work. A lot of times people like to meet face-to-face with the people they’re doing business with. So, even though we’re not limited to designing websites for just people or businesses in Maryland, we seem to get a lot more people who would rather deal with a local company. In fact, with some of the sites we have in Virginia, we still drove down there to meet with the customer.

That said, I’d like to add that I think you should keep your site clean and easy to navigate. I’ve seen too many websites that have so much stuff on the home page, you don’t even know where to start. The simpler you can get your message across, the better. If people want more information, let them choose that by “more info” or menu choices. Don’t just jam it in their face on the home page.