The Importance of Social Media for Business

These days, nearly everyone is on social media – From high school students to grandparents, and even the POTUS. With the popularity and accessibility of social media increasing every day, it’s become a force that no one can ignore.

Anything this powerful will ultimately be used as a tool for advertising, and of course that’s one of the biggest benefits of using social media for your business. But there are other, sometimes not so obvious reasons, that you should be harnessing the power of this versatile tool:

Learn more about your customers. There are a few ways to go about this. One is to simply pay attention to customer interaction on your social media pages. Taking that a step further, you can use a tool like Hootsuite Insights to gain valuable insights into your customers’ sentiments, know when something’s trending, and more, all in real time.

Interact with your customers. Social media is one of the most valuable platforms available to you for interacting with your customers. By taking the time to respond to and relate to your customers, you give your business a real human touch, something that’s all too often lacking in our high-tech world.

Try new marketing ideas. On social media, you can try new ideas for advertising in a relatively low-risk environment. Perhaps you want to try using humor in your marketing. On Facebook, for instance, you have several options for a/b testing for different ads or use dark posts to test different content.

It’s good for SEO.  Not only does social media interaction increase your search engine visibility, it’s also yet another tool to point potential customers back to your website.

Get information to your customers in real time.  Having a sale? Need to close your brick-and-mortar store because of snow or a power outage? Social media is a great way to provide immediate updates to your clients.

Get more for your money. If you’re clever and can set up your accounts yourself, you can do so for free. Otherwise, companies are happy to do it for a fee. While several of the features like advertising cost extra, even a free account on one or two platforms will give you all of the above benefits. And even then, compared to other forms of advertising, most social media marketing prices are fairly reasonable, especially when you consider the level of customization available.

Simply put, there are so many reasons to have at least one social media account for your business. If you’re feeling lost or confused about how to get started, what to post, or how to make the most of your presence on social media, don’t hesitate to give us a call. It’s what we’re here for: 202-409-8113.