SEO 1, 2, 3

Are you tired of all the emails that claim they can get your website on page one of Google?

Some people even believe that SEO is a myth and that Google has their own way of determining who ranks page one and who doesn’t. I don’t buy that and I believe that there are things you can do to improve your ranking in the search engines. One thing you need to watch for with all the promises that these companies make is to ask exactly what keywords or phrases are they saying will get you on page one. I have a lot of websites that I can pretty much guarantee a page one ranking. The problem is that with some websites, that’s only going to happen with very specific keywords or phrases that probably the average user is not going to search on to try and find your business.

But, don’t lose hope. I would start with getting a free SEO evaluation to see where things stand. Be sure you at least have the basics covered (i.e. a good URL, page titles & descriptions, etc.). Once you get these basics taken care of, you might see some ranking improvement in as little as a few days. But, a more realistic average is a few weeks and possibly even continued improvement over the next several months.

Don’t stop there. This isn’t a one-time shot and then you forget about it. Try to make small changes maybe once a month and try to add content where possible. More content is always better.

Can you do this yourself? Sure. But, where do you want to focus your time? Do you want to be constantly worrying about your website SEO or concentrate on building your business? Look around and try to find a (I prefer a local) company that can do this for you. Cost should be based on several factors of you website. How many pages do you have, how much content are you looking for, etc.

Good luck an stay tuned…