Security and Maintenance for Your Website

Welcome to our newsletter. RWS will reach out periodically with ideas for your website. We’ll continue to provide tips on writing content for the web, design and development, website applications, maintenance, search engine optimization and lots of other ideas for keeping your website relevant. This month, we talk about maintenance – who’s maintaining your site and what they are doing. Let us know if we can answer any questions for you.

On a personal note, we also want to announce our impending move! Next month, RWS will be based in the sunny environs of South Carolina. But we’re still just an email or phone call away! We will continue to design, develop and maintain websites, so please feel free to call us when you’re ready for your next site, or perhaps you have a friend or business partner who needs a new site? Please give them our name. And Thanks!


Five Ways RWS Can Help With Your Site

  1. We can host your site. When RWS hosts your site, we’re always reachable. Whether your site has been hacked, or you need to make some immediate edits, we’ve got your back.
  2. Monthly Backup. All of our sites are backed up weekly and stored offsite monthly. It’s important to control your risks and with a backup available, we can get you up and running again in no time.
  3. Application updates. We update WordPress and related files during our monthly maintenance for the new features and security updates that are announced. We keep your site as secure as possible.
  4. Additional website maintenance and edits. The editing of your website can be included in our hosting fee, or you can request maintenance as needed.
  5. Need stats? Let us know. We can show you how to retrieve your own stats, or we can provide them to you on a regular basis.

Who’s Maintaining Your Website?

When we talk with clients, the most important concern is getting their website up and running. Whether it’s a brand new site, or a revision of one they already have, writing the content, designing the site and launching it are top of mind.

But then what? Who’s maintaining your site? Whether you’re working with RWS or another developer, the maintenance of your site should be discussed. Here’s why.

Keep it running smoothly. Nothing irritates more than to go on a site and select a link – only to find it doesn’t work. Or you get that dreaded “404 Error.” Even worse, your site could get hacked. It happens…often. It’s not that someone is “out to get you.” It’s more likely a random hacking that happens online – it’s just a real nuisance if it happens to your site! Can you reach your web developer? Or will your request end up in a black hole?

Update content. You’ve just launched your website. Updating the content is not really on your mind. But it should be. Regular updates will improve your results in search engines. Adding a blog article, attaching a spec sheet, changing the address, redirecting customers to new information – these are updates that you should plan for.

Adding graphics. You’ve just celebrated a new hire, or you’ve won an award….wouldn’t it be nice to add a photo or two to your site? Keeping your site current keeps YOU relevant. A quick look on most websites and your customers can tell if your information is current or not.

Product/Service changes. You realize you’ve left a service off of your website. It’s a small thing, but you’re reminded when a customer that you’ve just talked to says that’s the reason why they are choosing your firm. Whatever that service is, you should add it to your site. And if you have a variety of products on your site, chances are that they change often. Nothing is more discouraging than reviewing products, selecting one of them and then finding out that it’s no longer in stock! It’s enough to make most viewers leave your site and find another!

Application updates. These are constant! If you have a phone or computer, you know how often you learn that a new update is available! Keeping your application current is wise since the new version may include security updates, as well as new features.

Backing up your site. Even when your hosting company says they are backing up your site, you should make sure that back-up is available. Things happen – if the server crashes, or if someone is making changes on your site and makes a mistake, you want to make sure there is an accessible recent copy of your website that can be relaunched.

And there’s more. Your maintenance partner can provide other services as needed – things like traffic stats, link checks and search engine results. Just ask.

For more information on growing your business, visit our website at or give us a call at 202-409-8113