Security from Hackers

Monthly Security Updates: Does Your Website Even Need Them?

Some questions are simple to answer, some not so much. This one? Couldn’t be easier: Yes! Yes, you need to do monthly security updates to your website.

Why? Well, because, in today’s highly technological world, everyone and everything is on the web, which in turn makes all of us, all of our data, and all of our websites highly visible and highly vulnerable. Hackers are real. Viruses invade. Malicious software just keeps knocking at the back door, trying to find a way in. Particularly on the most popular website platforms like WordPress. Even if your website doesn’t contain what you consider “useful” or “valuable” information.

Some hacking is done just for fun or for practice, some is simply automated, but virtually all of it is money-driven. And if your site ever gets hacked? Trust us, it’ll probably cost you a pretty penny to right the wrong that’s been done to you.

Fortunately, there are measures businesses can take to prevent website invasions, to protect them from vulnerabilities, and to drastically reduce the chances of getting hacked. A monthly security package can group those measures into one affordable and reliable bundle of services, including but not limited to:

  • Monthly updates to website theme & plug-ins
  • Implementation of website application bug fixes, software updates & security patches
  • Scans for malicious code
  • Removal of harmful code, if found
  • Regular checks of website functionality & working links
  • Maintenance of a clean & active site
  • Keeping the site compatible with other online entities
  • Password security updates
  • Improved performance & speed resulting from up-to-date technology
  • Alerts for key upgrades you might want to do

Most importantly, website security maintenance includes regular and long-term backups of your site, meaning it can be re-uploaded and re-published virtually immediately if it’s ever dismantled by a corrupting source.

You routinely visit the doctor and dentist for preventative medicine. You make sure to regularly change the oil in your car, rotate the tires, schedule recommended tune-ups. Every month, you pay your insurance premiums to ensure that those who are dear to you will be covered and taken care of in case of emergency. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your website—the face of your business to the outside world and the number-one driver leading clients to your door?

Monthly website security updates are one of those things you can’t see on the surface. But if some nefarious hacker or program invades from behind? If you end up having to completely rebuild a site you already designed, developed, and paid for? You’ll be extremely glad you took this extra step to protect yourself, your website, and your business.

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