Law Offices of Alisha L. Jacobsen

Alisha Jacobsen has been practicing law since 2011 when she took her first case in family law. Since then, she has expanded into estate planning and probate administration.

As an estate planner, Alisha enjoys working with clients and helping them understand how their property will be transferred upon their death, either with or without a will or a trust. She also informs them of any inheritance tax or estate tax issues that may arise and assists them with planning accordingly. Discussions about medical and financial powers of attorney are also essential since estate planning involves preparing for potential incapacity and death. Drafting and negotiating prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are also part of estate planning. Alisha realizes that each client’s situation is unique and getting to know the client is important to provide appropriate legal services.

As a former teacher, Alisha appreciates the opportunity to teach clients about the law, the legal process and the choices they have regarding the transfer of their property. Oftentimes, clients are misinformed about probate administration because they have heard through various media sources or friends that probate is to be avoided at all costs. Explaining the purpose of probate and how it works helps clients make informed decisions based on what is important to them and their loved ones including whether probate is a process to avoid or to embrace.

Alisha graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law in 2010 and is licensed to practice in Maryland and in the District of Columbia. Alisha and her family have lived in Montgomery County, Maryland for 15 years. Prior to becoming an attorney, Alisha taught children and adults in Iowa, Rhode Island, Vermont and Arizona, as well as in Burkina Faso and Benin. Alisha and her husband have two adult children; one who is studying law at Harvard University. Alisha believes that her prior teaching and international experience is a perfect fit for serving her clients. She loves where she lives and works because of the richness of the greater DMV area’s diversity, the quality of education and the opportunities to work with different people and organizations to help people in need.