Is Your Website Ready for the New Year?

Seems like every January, we all resolve to get in shape and get the new year off to a solid start. But what about your website? The start of the calendar year is a GREAT time to take stock of your online presence and take steps to keep your website up-to-snuff and up-to-date.

Here’s a checklist of items to review to make sure that the interface you present to the world is looking and operating at its best:

  • Is your content current? When was the last time you added new information, expanded the description of a service you offer, or posted a new glowing testimonial? New content equates to new business through higher rank listings, so it’s definitely worth the effort to keep your site more active than static.
  • Is your staff page accurate? Companies often stay on top of their service-oriented website copy, but when it comes to the team member page with titles and bios? Not so much. Make sure your employee listing is up-to-date so that your potential clients know who and how to contact the appropriate person in the appropriate department.
  • Has your contact information changed? If you’ve moved, update your address. If you’ve added lines, update your phone numbers. If you’ve designated a different email address for general inquiries, list it. The Contact Us page is heavily visited by prospective clients looking to find out where you’re located and how to reach you, so make sure it contains up-to-the-minute contact information.
  • Any new clients or completed projects to report? The more up-to-date your roster of accomplishments across service areas and customers, the more assurance the public has that you’re ready, willing, and able to meet their needs punctually and professionally.
  • Done a photo scan lately? Doing an annual check of all the photos and artwork on your site is a worthwhile step that will keep your site modern and vibrant. Use timely images, picture current staff and goods, and make sure all pages contain graphics to break up the text for an improved user experience.
  • What’s your security status? New security measures and protocols are put in place regularly, so you’ll want to make sure you have the proper certifications and gateways in place to protect both you and your clients.
  • Have you proofed? An essential but often neglected task for any online material is proofreading. Typos, mistakes, missing words, and visual inconsistencies all translate to a negative impression of your business’s attention to detail and quality control. So don’t skip this easy-to-complete and very affordable step when you’re giving your site either a major overhaul or a minor face-lift.

RWS Consulting can help you with any or all of these tasks. Contact us today at 202-409-8113 or for a complimentary consultation on regular maintenance and updates for your website.