How to Write a Blog

Often people ask me how to write a blog …what do I write about? …who am I writing to? …am I trying to sell my product or service? …how often should I write a blog?

These are all great questions. First rule is that a blog is not about you or selling your product. The purpose of a blog is to help or inform the reader to improve something in their business or life. The topics are endless. You’re writing to anyone who might come upon your blog, so your content should be broad enough to entice any reader.

If you can think of something that concerns or interests you, or a solution to a problem you’ve come across, these are all good topics. Chances are, if you feel it improved your life then others will benefit from this information as well.

The frequency that you write depends on your topic and potential audience. If you’re writing about a restaurant or other retail business that people would visit often or have weekly specials, you’d be well advised to write something at least weekly. But, the general rule is the more often, the better.

Blog posts are indexed by search engines as additional pages. So, it’s just like you’ve added more content to your website.

If you can, spruce up your blog post a little with an image or graphic that relates to the post. Remember, don’t just use images you find on the Internet. You MUST own the image or pay to use it.

One more thing to remember – take the short link from your blog and post it on Facebook to expand your reach. The more often people see your name, the more they’re thinking of you and your company!