Asif Choudhury

Client Spotlight – Bahar Consulting

For March we are pleased to shine the spotlight on one of our clients. Enjoy the Bahar Consulting story!

Asif Choudhury is the owner of Bahar Consulting, a business management and consulting firm, working with both large and small businesses. The company works with both individuals and teams to grow the capabilities of each person and maximize the potential talent of its clients. Asif is both an analytical thinker and keen listener, asking the right questions to pinpoint both problem areas and areas of strength. The mission behind Bahar Consulting is to mobilize the workforce of its clients so that the company will grow, produce more revenue and thrive. Asif’s management consulting includes reviewing personal goal setting and attainment, reviewing and identifying problem areas, increasing accountability and communications, sales and marketing, technology integration, business process re-engineering, financial budgeting, leadership development, strategic management, time management, cost cutting, team building and implementation.

As the president of his own company, Asif recognizes the importance of strategic thinking and effective business planning. His corporate experience with various companies honed his sales and negotiation skills. Using these skills, Bahar Consulting works to motivate clients to set higher standards for themselves and for their staff. Asif’s competitive advantage includes personalized service based on the client’s needs as well as assisting the client in the implementation of all advice given.

Asif is also a coach to many clients. In this role, Asif actively mentors, provides assessment of individuals, guides companies through the change management process and works hard to influence the emotional intelligence of his clients. As a coach, Asif works with physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of his clients. When working with businesses, his goal is to help increase effective communication and accountability within an organization.