Be wary of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Promises

How can someone really promise to get you out on page one of Google? It’s really not that hard. But, what you need to ask is for what search terms or phrases will someone have to enter for that to happen?

Let’s say you own an auto repair shop. Is your website going to show up on page one of Google if someone just enters “auto repair”? Unless you’re paying someone a gazillion dollars, I doubt it.

Now, can you show up on page one if a user enters “Henry’s custom engine auto repair in Saskatchewan Canada”? (Assuming you’re Henry and your custom engine auto repair shop is in Saskatchewan). I’ll bet that wouldn’t be too hard. But, who’s going to type that in?

The Internet is a big place and many businesses are in extremely competitive markets. So how does someone show up on page one for just “auto repair”? Well, there are many factors that determine how someone shows up. Money, time, indexed pages, content, external links and more.

So, as a small business owner with a limited budget, how do you compete? I’m sorry to say, you probably don’t. At least, not at that level.

Do you throw up your hands and give in? No. There’s some hope for you yet. A blog and “landing pages” are very effective ways of helping.

Talk to your website provider for more info.